Diesel Prices Up, But Only Slightly

Diesel Prices Up, But Only Slightly
Diesel Prices

After weeks of decreasing prices, the average diesel price in the United States went up a bit to $3.828 from $3.817 last week. It marks the first time since May 20 the price increased. Prices remain significantly higher than this time a year ago when diesel prices in the United States averaged $3.683 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Only two regions actually saw diesel prices decrease from last week to this week. New England’s prices dropped from $3.971 to $3.965 while the Rocky Mountain region saw prices fall to $3.811 from $3.810.

The lowest prices shifted back to the Gulf Coast after the Lower Atlantic had the lowest diesel prices for one week. The Gulf Coast prices rose, but only to $3.753 from $3.734 while the Lower Atlantic saw prices rise to $3.757 from $3.731, which was the largest growth in the country. Interestingly, the second highest rise in prices was in the Gulf Coast.

California has come very close to breaking the $4 barrier in recent weeks, but remained above it with diesel prices rising to $4.026, which was up from $4.015 last week.

As a whole, prices are trending down after reaching a nearly four and a half year high the week of February 25 when diesel prices reached $4.159. Since then, prices have dropped steadily and have now settled in the low $3.81-$3.85 range for the past five weeks.

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