Discount Diesel Fuel Cards

Discount Diesel Fuel Cards


The Best Discount Diesel Fuel Cards for Your Business

There are many discount diesel fuel cards on the market today, but what are the best ways to go about choosing the correct one for your business?

Discount Diesel Fuel Cards Started by a Former Truck Driver

It’s important to consider exactly what kind of discount you need when it comes to your discount diesel fuel cards. The Multi Service Fuel Card offers many different discount programs, all designed to save you money. From our Zero Fee Network to our Rebate Network, you’ll find a discount program specifically tailored to your needs. In fact, we are the only discount diesel fuel cards offered started by a former truck driver. In 1978, our founder realized there had to be an easier way to pay for fuel than having a wallet stuffed to the brim with cash, plastic and receipts. Thus, the Multi Service Fuel Card was born. So rest assured, when it comes to our discount diesel fuel cards, we can offer you exactly what your business needs.

Discounts Available with our Discount Diesel Fuel Cards

“What exactly are some of the discounts I get when I run your discount diesel fuel cards” you might ask. For starters, we offer the Zero Fee Network, which is exactly what it sounds like. No smoke and mirrors here. At over 2,400 stops, you’ll be able to run our discount diesel fuel cards for free. Absolutely no fees involved. That means no transaction fees, maintenance fees, no card fees and no application fees. How great is that?

Discount Diesel Fuel Cards and Our Rebate Network

Multi Service Fuel Card also offers you our Rebate Network. That means you can earn up to $.10 off every gallon of fuel purchased at over 1,200 truck stops and growing. We saw that most fuel card companies discount programs only benefited the large carriers. Well, we are here to extend those discounts to you, too. When it comes to our discount diesel fuel cards and our rebates, we give the most consistent rebates in the industry, and are designed for small to medium sized trucking companies.

True Truck Stop Access with Our Discount Diesel Fuel Cards

Another thing that sets our discount diesel fuel cards apart from our competition is the fact that all of the stops in our network are true truck stops- not gas stations that happen to sell diesel. When you run our discount diesel fuel cards you’ll never have to worry about routing your drivers to a fuel stop only to find they cannot access the stop in their truck. You will always have 18-wheeler accessible fuel and a place to park for the night.

As you can see, there are many benefits when it comes to running our discount diesel fuel cards.

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