Is Your Fleet One to Have These Five Common Needs?

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Is Your Fleet One to Have These Five Common Needs?

There are many things to consider when deciding on a fuel card to service a fleet. Price, convenience, accuracy, and truck stop access are just a few of the things a fleet manager must think about. Is your fleet one to have these five common needs when looking for a fleet fuel card?

Is your fleet one to seek out savings?

The Multi Service Fuel Card offers two savings networks: the Zero Fee Network and the Rebate Network. Your fleet has the option to join the savings network that best fits your business. The Zero Fee Network gives fleets the ability utilize our truck stop network for no cost – no transaction fees, no card fees, no maintenance fees, and no application fees. By filling at stations within our Rebate Network, fleets can earn up to 10 cents back on gallons purchased within the network and fleets always pay the cash price at the pump.

Is your fleet one who values convenience and security?

Our Multi Service Fuel Card transaction management experts specialize in making sure that you have accurate information on your statement and that you’re not being billed for more than what you spend. You won’t have to worry about incorrect or untimely data.

Is your fleet one who needs quick access to account information?

Fleet managers need access to all sorts of essential account information, but sometimes it can be a pain. Multi Service Fuel Card offers a web-based fleet management tool where managers can access, implement and update controls in real time.

Is your fleet one that travels over-the-road and locally?

Multi Service Fuel Card has a fleet fuel card solution for any size of fleet. Our over-the-road fuel card helps drivers in larger fleets who travel long distances, while our local card is good for drivers of smaller vehicles such as vans, cars, or pick-up trucks.

Is your fleet one that needs more credit to grow its business?

If drivers are calling you in the middle of the night because they need more credit or you’re paying wire fees multiple times per week just to pay your current fuel card bill, Multi Service Fuel Card could be your answer. We offer some of the most generous credit lines in the business so you don’t have to worry about keeping your drivers moving.

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