The Powerful Card® Helps Two Tar-Heel State Fleets Grow

The Powerful Card® Helps Two Tar-Heel State Fleets Grow


Multi Service Fuel Card likes helping our customers grow. The Powerful Card® offers fleet fuel card solutions for small to medium-sized carriers that are normally only available to larger fleets by our competitors. This month, two fleets in North Carolina unlocked the ability to expand their operation through the Zero Fee Network and our generous credit lines.

Zero Fee Network Saves Carrier $2500 a Month

In the world of trucking, the word “fees” can be a nasty four-letter word as extra fees can add up quickly. At every turn it seems like there’s a fee that needs to be paid. That was the experience for a trucking fleet in North Carolina. The owner worked with a broker to receive cash advances for diesel fuel (for a fee) and used Quick Pay to get funds to fuel his fleet (for a fee). This plan of attack was costing the carrier $2,500 every month just in fees! When he switched to the Multi Service Fuel Card, he instantly signed up for our Zero Fee Network, where he learned what zero fee really meant. Through the Multi Service Fuel Card Zero Fee Network, he never has to worry about any of the fees associated with fueling. No transaction fees, no card fees, no maintenance fees, and there even isn’t an application fee. Zero fee truly means ZERO FEE! This fleet currently operates with three trucks, but the owner is adding a fourth truck with the money the Multi Service Fuel Card Zero Fee network has saved him.

Generous Credit Lines Suited To Your Business

The last thing any carrier wants is a situation where a driver is stranded because there’s not enough credit to cover fuel costs. That scenario is a nightmare. Responsible fleet owners that have an account with a reputable fleet fuel card shouldn’t have to worry if their drivers will have enough credit to get the job done. This was exactly the problem for another fleet owner in North Carolina. His previous fuel card had a weekly line of credit of $12,000 for his 10 trucks when he realistically needed $30,000. Instead of expanding his credit line and growing with the customer, his fuel card provider forced the fleet owner to pay his fuel bill multiple times per week! Not only was this inconvenient, but there was always the concern of running out of funds and having his drivers stranded. Enter the Powerful Card®. This hard-working carrier owner was approved for the $30,000 weekly line of credit that he needed so he could run his operation more efficiently, enabling more growth. With Multi Service Fuel Card, as your operation grows, we will provide solutions that will help you to continue to grow. If more credit is needed, we’ll be there for you and your business.

Content brought to you by the Multi Service Fuel Card. It’s simply the best overall fleet fuel card value in the market today. We offer generous credit lines, access to our Zero Fee and Rebate networks, the best customer service in the industry and much more.

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