Multi Service Technology Solutions, Inc. Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Emerging online collaboration platforms are fundamentally changing the way we work and engage with each other, clients and partners. Multi Service is increasingly exploring how online discourse through social computing can empower employees as global professionals, innovators and citizens. These individual interactions represent a new model: not mass communications, but masses of communicators.

Therefore, it is very much in Multi Service’s interest—and, we believe, in each employee’s own—to be aware of and participate in this sphere of information, interaction and idea exchange.

These are the official guidelines for social media at Multi Service. If you’re a Multi Service employee or contractor creating or contributing to blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds, or any other kind of social media both on behalf of Multi Service, either on or off Multi Service websites – these guidelines are for you.  These guidelines will continually evolve as new technologies and social networking tools emerge – so check back often to stay informed

We especially expect all who participate in social media on behalf of Multi Service to understand and to follow these guidelines. Failure to do so could put your future participation at risk.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to any Multi Service Officer.

Rules of engagement:

Keep confidential information confidentialFailure to follow the these guidelines could result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination

  1. Do not reference customers, merchants, clients, suppliers or business partners (directly or indirectly).
  2. Do not reference or discuss customers, merchants, client, supplier, or business partner work.
  3. Adhere to all non-disclosure agreements.
  4. Be conscious of any sensitivity that should not be discussed.
  5. Treat customers, merchants, clients, suppliers, and business partners in social media as you would in any other form of public communication. They are our priority, and we should protect them.

Be Transparent, Real, and Honest
—don’t hide who you are or who you work for, ever. Be authentic and speak with your voice. Don’t lie or mislead, ever. Your honesty (or dishonesty) will be quickly noticed in the social media environment. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing – be the first to point it out. If you make a mistake, admit it. Be upfront and be quick with your correction. If you’re posting to a blog, you may choose to modify an earlier post – just make it clear that you have done so.

Disagree with others respectfully—social media is meant to be civil. If you don’t agree with the positions, opinions or actions of another user or entity, bring intelligence to your discussion. Never engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in Multi Service’s workplace.

Be Credible —Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws. When you reference a source, link to the original source materials directly—it bolsters your credibility and ensures compliance with most common licensing requirements.

You are responsible for yourself—As with any/all personal interactions off-line, what you say publicly is ultimately your personal responsibility. If you publish content to any website outside of Multi Service and it has something to do with work you do or subjects associated with Multi Service, use a disclaimer such as this: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent Multi Service’s positions, strategies, or opinions.” Writing your posts and comments in the first person can help to clarify this distinction.

Make sure you have permission — All professional social media participation should be entered into with specific business objectives in mind. Therefore, don’t speak for Multi Service Corporation on any issue unless you have advance, express permission from a Company Officer to do so. Professional social media participation should be utilized in the most time-efficient manner possible to achieve the intended business objective.

Be certain – Participation in social computing on behalf of Multi Service is not a right but an opportunity, so please treat it seriously and with respect. If you are about to publish something that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, or if you are not entirely certain if it could be considered sensitive or confidential information, take the time to vet it first. Discuss your concern with your Manager or a Company Officer prior to posting. Ultimately, what you publish is yours – as is the responsibility. So be sure.

The Corporate Policies Apply—Multi Service corporate policies continue to apply to all employees. Review the Professional Code of Conduct, Computer and Internet Policy and Security and Information Policy for specific expectations and guidelines.

Be Professional—Personal social media participation should take place off-the-clock and outside of the workplace.

Feedback is fair — Constructive criticism of Multi Service is welcome. However, if you have an ax to grind, explore other channels of communication offline. We do our best to be accessible to employees and appreciate the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you directly rather than through a less personal social medium. And if you come across negative or disparaging remarks about Multi Service written by someone else, the right thing to do is to report it back to your Manager or a Company Officer. The only way Multi Service can constructively respond to feedback, is to be aware of it.