Success Stories: Great Customer Service Sets Multi Service Fuel Card Apart

Success Stories: Great Customer Service Sets Multi Service Fuel Card Apart

We love to hear when our customers succeed because of the service provided by Multi Service Fuel Card. Every month we’ll bring you a few stories to highlight the power of the Multi Service Fuel Card and how it can help your fleet grow to the next level of success.

TAPlaceMatBeing Able to Actually Talk to Customer Service Made One Fleet a Believer
There’s nothing more frustrating than calling customer service about an issue and being placed on hold for what seems like a lifetime. That’s what was happening for one fleet in Indiana. Every time they’d call their previous fleet fuel card provider with various issues, they’d be placed on hold for as long as an hour! That hour was time wasted for the fleet, whether it was time that could have been spent on paperwork or time that was spent waiting for a transfer of funds for a repair. Because of all these issues, the fleet decided to go shopping for a new fuel card. After hearing about the great customer service provided by Multi Service Fuel Card, the fleet owner decided to give the Powerful Card® a try. He couldn’t be happier. Now when he needs customer service help, he gets it with minimal waiting. That’s allowed his fleet to increase efficiency and they’re now on the verge of growing, and it’s all because of great customer service allowing them to get a little more done each day.

Great Experience and Local Card Offering a Huge Benefit for One Fleet
A trucking fleet in Minnesota had previously been using multiple fuel cards, including Multi Service Fuel Card. One experience with one of the great customer service representatives made that fleet decide to consolidate to one card for everyone, and that was the Multi Service Fuel Card. The customer service rep walked the fleet owner through everything the card offered and made him a believer right then and there. When she explained to the owner that Multi Service Fuel Card also had a local card offering, he was sold, and is now on the verge of expanding his fleet to include Class 1-6 vehicles in addition to his big rigs and can’t wait to get started using the Local Card in addition to the long established Powerful Card®.

Consolidated Bill for Local Card and OTR Card Made the Difference
A fleet in California that had been in business for just over two years was utilizing cash and prepaid debit cards for its drivers until recently when they realized that just wouldn’t work if they had any plans of growing in the near future, which they do. This fleet chose to carry both Multi Service Fuel Cards, and that has been a huge boon to their business. By being able to utilize the Local Card and the OTR Card, they’ve been able to nearly double their fleet size, and it’s all thanks to the generous credit lines and the ability to utilize consolidated billing.

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