U.S. Diesel Prices Hold Steady

U.S. Diesel Prices Hold Steady

The price of Diesel in the United States dropped for the second straight week, but for the second straight week prices dropped only slightly according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Prices dropped from $3.879 to $3.871 and are down by just more than one cent in the last two weeks. The rest of the United States was up and down in terms of average diesel price.

East Coast
Prices rose on the East Coast by just $0.003 from $3.912 to $3.915. The total average price for diesel in the East Coast is up by just $0.009 over the past two weeks.

New England
New England saw prices drop slightly from $4.066 to 4.064. After representing the highest diesel prices in the country last week, the slight drop leaves New England as the second most expensive diesel in the United States.

Central Atlantic
The largest increase in the country in diesel prices is in the Central Atlantic region. The increase was just from $3.972 to $3.977, so that gives an indication of how stagnant diesel prices are across the United States in most regions. In the past two weeks, the Central Atlantic has seen the largest increase from $3.949.

Lower Atlantic
After dropping by more than a cent last week, prices in the Lower Atlantic region rose ever so slightly from $3.837 to $3.840.

The second biggest decrease in diesel prices in the country are in the Midwest that saw prices fall from $3.87 to $3.852, which is now tied for the third lowest prices in the country.

Gulf Coast
The lowest prices for diesel remain in the Gulf Coast where prices dropped a bit from $3.773 to $3.766. The Gulf Coast has featured the lowest prices in the country since late March.

Rocky Mountain
The Rocky Mountain region saw a rise in diesel prices of just $0.001 to $3.852.

West Coast
Prices continued to drop in the West Coast, this week down to $3.982 from $3.993 after prices threatened to go above the $4 mark two weeks ago.

West Coast less California
For the second straight week, the West Coast without California had the biggest drop in diesel prices from $3.906 to $3.884. Prices are down more than 16 cents since early September.

The price of diesel in California remained the same, $4.066. Diesel prices in California have gotten as low as $4.001 in 2013, but haven’t crossed to the sub-$4 threshold.

U.S. Diesel Prices, Week of 12/16

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