Accurate Billing

Accurate Fuel Card Billing You Can Trust

Are There Billing Inconsistencies With Your Current Fuel Card Company?

Multi Service Fuel Card is more than just a fuel card company; we are transaction management experts. You can be assured that you’re dealing with a fleet fuel card company that specializes in making sure that you have accurate information on your statement and that you’re not being billed for more than what you spend. 

Compatible with Major Trucking Software

We are committed to making it easier for you to manage your fleet and that is why our reporting is compatible with most major trucking software. If there are any compatibility issues with your fuel reporting software company, we will work with them to try and find a solution.

  • Axon
  • Bolt System
  • Classic-Software
  • Compcare Services
  • Dr. Dispatch
  • Freightware
  • Fusion
  • Innovative Software
  • JJ Keller
  • Keystone Truck Software
  • Lee TranServices
  • Masslogics
  • McLeod
  • PC Miler
  • PCS
  • Pro Transport
  • ProMiles
  • Profit Tools, Inc
  • Prophesy
  • RapidLog
  • Software Online Solutions
  • Strategy Systems Software Co
  • TMW
  • Transport Pro – Ocean Sphere
  • Truck Win 32 Software
  • Trucker Logistics
  • Truckmaster
  • XATA

Real-Time, Accurate Data

Get access to real-time, accurate data and run daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports any time by simply logging in to your account.

Our Customized Data Detail Reports allow you to drill down into transaction details such as:

  • Driver Name
  • Fuel Quantity
  • Fuel Price
  • Location
  • Date and Time
  • Fuel type
  • Truck #
  • Trip #
  • Unit #
  • Card #
  • Merchant #
  • Merchant City
  • Hub Reading
  • Reefer Amt
  • Reefer Qty
  • Oil Amount
  • Oil Qty
  • Additive Amt
  • Repairs Amt
  • Tires
  • Tax
  • Total Amt
  • More