Generous Credit Lines

Generous Fuel Card Credit Lines

We keep you running and give you the credit needed to grow.

Get fuel card credit that meets your needs

Multi Service Fuel Card specializes in helping fleets get the credit they need to run their operations successfully. Backed by a Fortune 100 company, Multi Service Fuel Card has the resources to help both emerging fleets that are just starting to large fleets with hundreds of trucks. No matter what your credit needs are, the Multi Service Fuel Card account management team will work hard to find a solution that works for you.

Need a Higher Credit Limit?

If you’re running through your credit line mid-week you could potentially have stranded drivers, delayed loads, loss of revenue and loss of customers. You can’t afford to have your trucks sit idle if you run out of credit.

Stop Running in the Red!

No more stranded trucks and wire fees, we offer some of the most generous credit lines in the industry. We want to give you a credit line that will meet your fuel and purchasing needs.

Solutions for Any Carrier

We take time to learn your business and develop solutions to meet your needs.  Our credit options even help brand new carriers. Solutions include prepaid, unsecured, ½ and fully secured.

Have More Than One Fuel Card?

We can make things simpler for you.  We can give you the piece of mind that you will have enough credit to make it through the week if we can consolidate all of your cards into one.