4 Multi Service Fuel Card Success Stories

4 Multi Service Fuel Card Success Stories

It’s easy to sit and talk about the generous lines of credit that Multi Service Fuel Card offers customers or the benefit of receiving cash price. We can go on about our great customer service or our accurate billing or any of the other reasons why Multi Service Fuel Card is the best fleet fuel card out there. Sometimes, though, it helps to see Multi Service Fuel Card success stories to show how the powerful card has helped customers, and in some cases actually changed lives. We’ve removed all company names, but the stories are all true and all show the impact Multi Service Fuel Card has had.

Gaining Enough Credit
A Multi Service Fuel Card customer from Texas was using a competitor’s card that had a logo of a major credit card company on it. Because of this, they were paying credit card prices for fuel and their drivers had access to an open loop system with limited reporting capabilities. On top of that, they didn’t have a big enough line of credit to make it through the month, so they had to pay multiple times throughout the month.

Enter Multi Service Fuel Card.

With our program, this company  put down a $15,000 deposit that we matched so they would have an ample line of credit. This also gave them cash price on their fuel, and with the Multi Service Fuel Card Direct Access portal, the fleet had controls and reporting that could help them manage drivers. With the increased securities and savings, this fleet has been adding shipping lanes, trucks and drivers and now currently has a $30,000 daily line of credit.

Truck FleetFrom Two Trucks to 25…In One Year
Another Multi Service Fuel Card customer in Illinois was formed just last year with two trucks. The owner needed a fuel card to help get business up and running that would provide enough credit to help to expand quickly. Because the company was so new, it was difficult to find enough credit to make this happen. Eventually, this company found Multi Service Fuel Card, and we provided a half secured line of credit. Ten days later was the first diesel fuel fill-up with the Multi Service Fuel Card, and the rest his history.

Within a few weeks of purchasing, this company’s line of credit increased with use, and with the increase in credit, this fleet was able to add 23 more trucks. The expansion isn’t over, as they have plans to continue growing.

Moving Away from Cash for Fuel
One fleet in North Carolina was formed a decade ago and was using cash to pay for fuel after being turned down for credit by another fleet fuel card. Cash provides some issues that this company learned quickly. First, there’s no means of tracking, so a driver could be given a handful of cash with the intention of paying for fuel and that fuel may never find its way into the big rig. Additionally, the use of cash means fleet owners can’t easily control where drivers were fueling. The other big issue with cash is what to do if a major issue occurs. With Multi Service Fuel Card, drivers have a line of credit that can be used for repairs to make sure they can stay on the road.

After being turned down, this North Carolina fleet was able to get approved by Multi Service Fuel Card for an unsecured line of credit. They were given access to the management purchase controls they were needing, and things started turning around. Since the account was established, they’ve been able to control where drivers are fueling and have been able to better manage expenses. And that fleet fuel card that turned them down at the beginning of the story? They’ve tried very hard to earn back the business of the fleet, but they’ve been turned down at every request. They’re sticking with Multi Service Fuel Card for the long haul.

No More Wire Fees
When a fleet is using a Multi Service Fuel Card Competitor and paying $25 per day for wire fees to pay their fuel bill, it’s time to look for another solution. That’s exactly what this Multi Service Fuel Card customer from California did. They currently are a small fleet with four trucks and have been in business for a bit more than three years. With the Multi Service Fuel Card, this fleet was able to secure of line of credit for $15,000 per week. By eliminating wire fees, they were able to save $6,500 for the year. That’s just from not wiring the $25 per day. It wasn’t just wire fees, though. The competitor was charging a transaction fee with every purchase. With the Multi Service Fuel Card’s Zero Fee Network, that was the second big source of cost savings. This is a fleet that can now grow because of the savings provided by Multi Service Fuel Card.

When Multi Service Fuel Card was founded in 1978, it was because of an idea of a former trucker. We understand trucking and our goal is not just provide a great way to fuel your fleet, but also to provide a way to help your fleet grow and make you even more successful than you already are. With generous lines of credit, great rebate and zero fee programs, outstanding customer service and so much more, we know we can help fleets reach their dreams.

Content brought to you by the Multi Service Fuel Card. It’s simply the best overall fleet fuel card value in the market today. We offer generous credit lines, access to our Zero Fee and Rebate networks, the best customer service in the industry and much more.

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