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The Best Fuel Card for Truckers

Your Class 7-8 Fleet Fuel Card Solution

The Multi Service Fuel Card

Trucking companies are always looking for ways to save money and time. One of the best investments they can make is a fuel card that will help them get more out of the miles on their trucks, without compromising security or convenience!

The Multi Service Fuel Card was founded in 1978 by a former over-the-road truck driver who realized there was a better way to pay for fuel than a pocket full of cash. From that belief came the first fuel card to offer real-time transaction authorization, forever changing the way fleet owners managed fuel spend. Since that time, we have been dedicated to helping owner-operators, small fleets, medium fleets and large fleets across America find cost-effective solutions tailored to YOUR needs.

Multi Service Fuel Card’s network now extends to over 8,600 locations in the US and Canada. Our services, programs, and solutions aggressively protect your bottom line, and we’re a proud partner to some of the biggest regional and national fleets across the country.


Generous Credit Lines

Now, more than ever, in today’s times of elevated fuel prices, Multi Service Fuel Card is dedicated to keeping your drivers moving. We offer some of the most generous credit
lines in the business and make underwriting as hassle-free as possible for fleets of all sizes in getting the credit they need to run their operations successfully. No matter what your credit needs are, Multi Service Fuel Card takes the time to learn your business and work hard to develop the solutions that work for you.

Premium Customer Support

At the core of the Multi Service Fuel Card is our dedication to customer service. We realize that at times you may need to contact us for various reasons. Our goal is to make that call as quick, efficient, and friendly as possible, allowing you to get back on the road. The Multi Service Customer Support Team – a U.S.-based team, available 24/7/365 – is available when you need them most. No matter how complex the problem, our team is ready to provide the support you need.

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Customized Programs

Multi Service Fuel Card offers its customers online, customizable reporting design for their back–office software applications. We are integrated with more than 39 different
TMS software providers, making account reconciliation, IFTA, and driver settlement a breeze.

Integrate with Axis, Axon, Bolt, Classic-Software, Compcare Services, Ditat, DRD Dr. Dispatch, Freightware, Frontline, Fusion, GPS Insight, GTG, Innovative Software, ITS Dispatch, J.J. Keller & Associates, Keystone, Lee Trans, LTC, Lytx, Magnus, Masslogics, McLeod, NexTraq, PC Miller, PCS, Pro Transport, ProMiles, Profit Tools for Trucking, Prophecy, RapidLog, Software Online Solutions, Strategy Systems, Tailwind, TMW, Transport Pro,
Trucker Logistics, TruckMaster, TruckWin, and Xata

Nationwide Acceptance

Many for-hire and private fleet drivers need a fuel card that is accepted at truck stop locations all across North America.  The OTR Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at more than nearly 8,600 locations across the United States and Canada.

Reporting You Can Trust

Multi Service Fuel Card takes pride in its billing and reporting accuracy. As a fuel card services provider, we understand how important it is for our customers to have fuel cards that work properly and don’t overcharge. Our sophisticated billing and settlement systems strive for the utmost accuracy and transparency by providing our customers access to all charges in their monthly statements or in their online accounts anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, we believe billing should be easy to understand. Multi Service Fuel Card customers appreciate the level of detail in our reports that is presented in an easily digested manner.

If there are ever any questions about charges, our dedicated 24/7/365 customer support team is always available to help resolve any issues. We’re committed to providing the best possible fuel card experience for our customers, and that starts with accurate billing and settlements.

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Fuel Management Solutions

For the past three decades, the Multi Service Fuel Card platform has enhanced the way businesses fuel their vehicles. The Multi Service Fuel Card platform features an array of purchase controls that allow fleet owners the ability to control spending with a click of a button. Whether you want to designate network access to specific truck stop locations, enable money products, and authorize the purchase of other products (i.e., lubricants, coolants, DEF, wiper blades, etc.) and services (i.e. tires, PMs, repairs, and scales), the full suite of purchase controls offered by Multi Service Fuel Card puts you, the fleet owner, in control of how your hard-earned money is utilized.

Fuel Discounts

Multi Service Fuel Card offers multiple forms of discounts for our customers .

Cash Price

Many truck stops post a “Cash Price” that is generally $0.02-$0.06 cheaper per gallon than a “Credit Price.” Because of the relationships we have formed with truckstops, Multi Service Fuel Card transactions are treated much like a cash purchase.

Network Fuel Card Discounts

Multi Service Fuel Card has negotiated with select truck stop locations for fuel discounts, below cash price, that are available to all of our customers. Simply swipe the card and start saving even more

Discounts Unique to You

To maximize your fuel card discounts, we have a specialized account manager that serves as your voice to negotiate personalized discounts with any truck stop.

Customer Direct Fuel Card Discounts

If your fleet already has pre-negotiated discounts with particular truck stops, that’s not a problem. In most cases, we can honor these direct fuel card discounts and attach them to your card, making it easier for you to use just one card for all of your fuel purchases.