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About Multi Service Fuel Card

Your Class 7-8 Fleet Fuel Card Solution

The Multi Service Fuel Card

Multi Service Fuel Card was founded in 1978 by a former truck driver and fleet manager who realized that there must be a better way than a pocket full of cash or a wallet overflowing with plastic to pay for over-the-road fuel.

The Multi Service Fuel Card was devised as a way to pay for multiple fleet services at multiple locations with one secure payment method. Multi Service pioneered pre-purchase authorization, requiring drivers to submit VIN numbers and hubodometer readings before a transaction could take place. From the beginning, Multi Service Fuel Card offered fleet managers a sense of security when giving drivers access to company funds on the road.

Our commitment to customer service

At the core of the Multi Service Fuel Card program is our dedication to customer service. We are committed to providing live, knowledgeable customer support to owners, managers, drivers and merchants when needed.

Fuel card management tools

Over the past three decades, the Multi Service Fuel Card program has enhanced benefits to fleets through the adoption of new technologies. Fleet managers have 24/7 access to account information and management tools through our online interface.