All Regions See Gains in Diesel Prices

All Regions See Gains in Diesel Prices
Diesel Prices

This week, all regions saw moderate increases in diesel prices. All regions went up between four and seven cents on average. The Midwest saw the largest increase with $0.076 while the smallest increase was found in the New England region with $0.043. The U.S. had an average price of $2.266 per gallon, increasing $0.068 from last week.

All regions still saw a decrease from this time last year, with an average -$0.588 for the U.S. The region paying the highest price at the pump is California with an average price of $2.579. The lowest price was found in the Gulf Coast with an average price of $2.137. These fuel prices are a part of a weekly report published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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