Blue is New with Insta Money from Multi Service Fuel Card

Blue is New with Insta Money from Multi Service Fuel Card

Blue is new with Insta Money! An important change is happening soon: Insta Money checks will now be Blue and green checks are being phased out. It may seem like a very small change, but starting January 1, the green checks will no longer be accepted.

If you currently use Insta Money checks and would like to request the new Blue Insta Money checks, please log into Direct Access or call Customer Service at 1-877-673-5338.

Upon receipt of the new Blue Insta Money checks, it’s very important that you destroy the green Insta Money checks as they will no longer be accepted.

Insta Money is a program that allows customers to access cash from their credit line if they need money for trucking-related expenses like tolls, washing the truck, paying lumpers or anything else that cash might be needed for. A fleet can provide drivers with a cash advance limit per week and that cash can be accessed at any truck stop in the Multi Service Fuel Card network. The cash advance is distributed by the fleet however desired. Drivers will only have access to the amount of cash they’re approved for.

We understand the ability to access cash from your Multi Service Fuel Card is very useful to pay for business-related items, but please remember that the card’s main purpose is to pay for fuel. If we see a pattern developing related to cash requests, a customer service representative will contact you to discuss your account.

Don’t forget, Blue is new! Make sure you have requested your blue checks through Direct Access or call Customer Service at 1-877-673-5338 to be sure to receive your blue checks before December 31. After that, we will no longer accept any green checks, so go ahead and destroy them.

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