Devices and Apps For Truck Drivers

Devices and Apps For Truck Drivers

Devices and apps for truck drivers goes beyond convenience; it’s become a necessity to help get the job done. According to Pew Research, nearly 60% of adult Americans own a smartphone and more than 40% own a tablet of some sort, which has made being connected a way of life. In the trucking industry, keeping drivers connected is becoming more and more important with apps ranging from find parking spaces at truck stops to determining your big rig’s efficiency. There’s plenty of choices out there to be sure your fleet has exactly what they need to make the trucking life easier.


PeopleNet Vusion

The PeopleNet TABLET helps drivers to impact their overall fleet performance. It’s a powerful in-cab PC that runs applications from PeopleNet apps as well as others. It can be personalized to fit the driver’s preferences with a 7-inch touch screen, stylus and an on-screen keyboard.

Cadec PowerVue

The Cadec PowerVue system is used mostly by private fleets with shorter hauls where web browsing isn’t quite as important to drivers. It also features a system where work orders can be dispatched to drivers, paperless vehicle inspection reporting can be submitted and turn-by-turn navigation is available, as well as many other features.

Zonar 2020

Zonar 2020 is an Android powered platform that allows for third-party apps. Features in it include driver hours-of-service, verified electronic vehicle inspections, two-way messaging, advanced navigation, visual driver feedback, camera and video to document defects or damaged freight, web browsing and an open platform for custom applications and integration.

Sylectus TMS from Omnitracs

The web-based Sylectus TMS from Omnitracs helps drivers get where they need to go quickly and efficiently. The device integrates with the Alliance Network’s secure loadboard that allows for sharing of visibility of trucks, drivers and loads.


While a fleet owner can put the above devices in trucks or recommend them to drivers, sometimes it can be helpful and less expensive for fleets if drivers have the tools available to them on their smartphones. Some of the below apps have great tools to help with fleet management that can be used with a bring-your-own-device program.

BigRoad for Drivers

BigRoad for Drivers can help to simplify daily logs by automatically creating logs by recording duty status changes. It’s easy to share logs with dispatch via email or automatically if using BigRoad for Fleets.


DeliverIt by nuVizz allows truck drivers to check into their current assignment/job, look at future assignments, track the movement of freight, record deliveries and provide a digital dispatch of routes. DeliverIt also easily integrates with existing trucking software so fleet owners can utilize this app as well as the drivers.

TruckStops App

The Truckster app provides a searchable platform to the majority of truck stops throughout the United States that provides current fuel prices, amenities and more. Additionally, the app shows rest areas, Walmart locations, weigh stations, hotels and more.

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