Diesel Prices Both Up and Down Across United States

Diesel Prices Both Up and Down Across United States

After a somewhat drastic jump in diesel prices last week, the overall price of diesel in the United States dropped slightly to $3.879 this week according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Multi Service Fuel Card customers saw prices both up and down throughout the different regions they operate in.

East Coast
Prices jumped slightly from $3.906 to $3.912 this week. As recently as three weeks ago, prices had dropped to $3.841, but the recent run of increases in price has led to a gallon of diesel fuel reaching its highest point on the East Coast since September 30.

New England
The highest increase in the country was in New England, which saw prices climb from $4.04 to $4.066 and has tied California for the highest priced diesel in the entire United States. The last time California was not the highest price in the country was March 25, 2013 when New England was more than two cents higher.

Central Atlantic
The second largest increase in the country was in the Central Atlantic region. Prices jumped from $3.949 to $3.972.

Lower Atlantic
The second biggest decrease of diesel prices in the United States was in the Lower Atlantic region. Prices dropped to $3.837 from $3.848 and are now the second lowest in the country.

The Midwest has seen some of the biggest fluctuation in the past couple months with prices jumping as high as $3.967 in September and dropping as low as $3.794 in November. Prices dropped this week from $3.879 to $3.870. It was a slight decrease, but only three regions feature lower prices across the country.

Gulf Coast
The lowest priced diesel in the United States remained that way with a drop from $3.780 to $3.773. It’s the only region in the country with prices below $3.80.

Rocky Mountain
Prices dropped in the Rocky Mountain region as well, from $3.858 to $3.851 and it is comfortably the third least expensive region in the United States.

West Coast
Last week, it looked like diesel prices might go back above the $4 mark on the West Coast, but a slight decrease delayed that for another week at least. Prices dropped from $3.998 to $3.993 this week, largely due to what happened in all the states outside of California.

West Coast less California
The biggest drop in diesel prices in the United States took place here with prices falling from $3.929 to $3.906.

Prices continued rising in California this week. They rose from $4.056 to $4.066 and are tied with New England for the highest prices in the country.

U.S. Diesel Prices, Week of December 9

Prices as a whole are still down fairly considerably from where they were a year ago at this time. The biggest difference is in the Central Atlantic region where diesel prices are more than 20 cents lower than they were in December 2012. California prices are about the same, just under three cents lower from this time last year.

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