Diesel Prices Down a Little

Diesel Prices Down a Little

After rising quite a bit between August 26 and September 2, diesel prices have stabilized across the United States. This week, they are down, but not by much according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The average diesel price in the United States is down to $3.974 from $3.981 last week (which is the same as the week before that).

Only two regions did not see a decrease and they were California and the Rocky Mountain region. In California, diesel prices keep rising and are now at $4.228, up from $4.225. While that is the highest average price in the country, it’s still considerably lower than the price at this time last year of $4.466.

The price in the Rocky Mountain region went up slightly from $3.934 to $3.941. For a time earlier this year, the region featured the lowest prices in the country, but now are about 5 cents more expensive than the current lowest. That designation now belongs to the Gulf Coast region, which decreased from $3.898 to $3.889 this past week.

Recently, the EIA and Department of Energy (DOE) revised their projection for diesel prices in 2013 and they are now projecting the price to be $3.96 for the year. So far this year, even with fluctuating prices, the average diesel cost has been $3.939, so in order to reach the projection, drivers are looking at an average price of 4.011 the rest of the year.

U.S. Diesel Prices Week of 9.16

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