Diesel Prices Rise After Steady Decline Since September

Diesel Prices Rise After Steady Decline Since September

After weeks of decreases, the price of diesel fuel in the United States is up according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The price either remained the same or rose in every region and is now at $3.844 nationally, up from $3.822 last week.

With the increase, New England went back above the $4 threshold with an average of $4.003, up from $3.981. The price of diesel in New England is now only two cents cheaper than California, which features the highest prices in the country once again.

The two regions that didn’t see an increase were the West Coast as a whole and the West Coast without California. They remained at $3.954 and $3.872 respectively. California’s prices, while still the highest in the country, rose just $0.001 from last week.

The Gulf Coast’s diesel prices remained the lowest in the country at $3.753, up from $3.745 last week. With this week’s increase in prices, it’s the only region in the country below $3.80.

The biggest jump in the United States is the diesel prices in the Midwest that jumped from $3.794 to $3.829 this week. The Midwest had seen the biggest decrease in prices over the past few weeks before the more than three cent jump from last week to this week.

Based on the EIA projected price of diesel prices in 2013, this rise should be a one-week anomaly as diesel prices are expected to average $3.91 in 2013. To reach that, the cost of diesel will need to average about $3.76 over the last five weeks of 2013. As was mentioned last week, the projection for 2014 is $3.73.

U.S. Diesel Prices, Week of 11/25

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