Diesel Prices Rise Again

Diesel Prices Rise Again
Diesel Prices

Diesel Prices Rise Again

For the second straight week, diesel prices are on the rise with the average price in the United States now up to $3.890, which is still a far cry from the national average of $4.159 from just three months ago. Still, the price is up from $3.866 last week and $3.845 the week before, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The only region in the country that saw their diesel prices decrease was in New England where prices dropped by a slim $0.004 down to $3.991. Everywhere else saw modest decreases of no more than 4.9 cents per gallon from last week.

The Gulf Coast remained the least expensive region for diesel in the country, but saw one of the larger spikes of $0.036 cents up to $3.775 while the Lower Atlantic saw their prices rise just a bit to $3.809 from $3.807.

The highest prices, as is usually the case, belong to the state of California, which saw an increase of 3 cents from last week up to $4.072 and up more than 7 cents from two weeks ago, which was the lowest price of diesel in California since July of last year.

Diesel prices have risen the last two weeks, but not nearly as significantly as regular gasoline costs in the Midwest due to troubles at several oil refineries in the region. Fuel prices in the Midwest have spiked by as much as 43 cents in individual states and by nearly 26 cents per gallon across the region in the last two weeks.


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