Diesel Prices Trending Downward

Diesel Prices Trending Downward

After weeks of increases, the last two weeks has seen diesel prices across the United States head back down and now sit at $3.919 according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Last week, prices in the U.S. were at $3.949 and were at $3.974 the week before that.

Every region saw decreases this week, and no region really decreased a great deal, but California actually saw the largest decrease in price. The price of diesel in California went from $4.209 to $4.172. In spite of the decrease in the state, it still remained as the highest price in the country.

New England is the other region in the U.S. with diesel prices above $4 per gallon. Prices there decreased just 2.5 cents to $4.046, but due to a smaller decrease in the Central Atlantic, the gap closed between the two regions.

The lease expensive option in the country remains in the Gulf Coast this week as diesel prices dropped from $3.862 to $3.831. The Lower Atlantic region isn’t far behind with an average price of $3.861, down from $3.890 last week.

As has been the case for quite a few weeks now, the average price compared with this time last year is drastically different. In late September, 2012, diesel cost $4.079 in the United States. Only two regions in the country were below $4 per gallon, so the change over the course of a year has been quite beneficial to truckers and fleets.

United States Diesel Prices, Week of 9/30

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