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Fuel at thousands of truck stop locations nationwide with Class 7-8 Rigs in the U.S. and Canada

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What Is the Best Fuel Card For Your Fleet?

First, consider the types of routes your business runs and where they need to purchase fuel. Your provider should provide wide range of gas stations and truck stops in your driver’s routes. And most importantly, do those offered serve the needs of your fleet.  


Class 7-8 Solution

For-hire or private fleet drivers often need dedicated fast-fuel diesel lanes and access to products like DEF, scales, and truck parking A fleet fuel card that’s accepted at truck stops is essential. The OTR Multi Service Fuel Card  is accepted at nearly 7,000 locations across the United States and Canada.  

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Class 1-6 Solution

If your fleet is made up of vehicles that need the ability to fuel anywhere and everywhere, including gas stations, then you need a fuel card that features universal acceptance, and purchase controls to manage spend. The Local Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at more than 300,000 fuel and maintenance locations and is a perfect fit for regional or in-town routes.  

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Fleet Fuel Card options for Owner-Operators all the way up to the largest National Fleets.


Generous Credit Lines

Purchase Controls

Accepted at Truck Stops

Accepted at Gas Stations

Network Fuel Discounts

Direct Discounts

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Customizable Reporting

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Maintenance/Repair Options





























The Best Fuel Card For Trucking Companies

 OTR Multi Service Fuel Card

The OTR Multi Service Fuel Card is a dedicated fleet card that is accepted at over 7,000 truck stops across the countryPerfect for fleets wanting to maximize savings through our discount network and fleet discounts offered by truck stops.  

Combined with a dedicated line of credit gives you the spending and savings power required to operate at peak efficiency.  

Our fleets appreciate online, customizable reporting designed for their back-office software applications. We are integrated with more than 35 different TMS software providers, making account reconciliation, IFTA and driver settlement a breeze.  

Combinewith 24/7/365 in-person customer support, we built you a Powerful Card® that will keep your fleet moving.  

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Local Multi Service Fuel Card keeps you on the go 

The Local Multi Service Fuel Card is the Universal option for fleets that need to fuel anywheregas stations, truck stops, and maintenance locations. With over 30,000 fueling locations in our network, you’re covered. 

We provide you purchase controls over your fleet, minimizing overspend or misuse. Custom reporting saves you time and money. And our 24/7/365 customer support team are always available to support your drivers.  

Two Fuel Cards: One Bill 

Looking for a fuel card program that provides even more? For mixed fleets that could benefit from both OTR Multi Service Fuel Card and Local Multi Service Fuel Card, you’ll appreciate the convenience of consolidated billing that allows for a singular account view. The cards are uniquely branded so that they’re easily distinguishable. A fuel card option that maximizes your fleets growth potential.  

Multi Service Fuel Card - Powering the American Dream Since 1978

Multi Service Fuel Card has been helping carriers grow since 1978. We work hard to be your trusted fleet fuel card partner and understand that you have a choice when it comes to fueling. Regardless of how big your fleet is, we want to help your business grow.

Does Your Fleet Have Any of These Needs?

There are many things to consider when deciding on a fuel card to service a fleet. Price, convenience, accuracy, and truck stop access are just a few of the things a fleet manager must think about. Is your fleet one to have these five common needs when looking for a fleet fuel card?


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Fuel Card Network Savings

The Zero Fee Network

Gives fleets the ability utilize our truck stop network for no cost – no transaction fees, no card fees, no maintenance fees, and no application fees.

The Rebate Network

Fleets can earn up to 10 cents back on gallons purchased within the network and fleets always pay the cash price at the pump.

Convenience + Security

Our Multi Service Fuel Card transaction management experts specialize in making sure that you have accurate information on your statement and that you’re not being billed for more than what you spend. You won’t have to worry about incorrect or untimely data.

Generous Credit for Fleets

No more wire fees or late night calls from drivers needing credit. We offer some of the most generous credit lines in the business so you don’t have to worry about keeping your drivers moving.