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Choosing The Best Fuel Card For Your Fleet

Fleet cards are so much more powerful than a credit card and much safer than cash. Fleet fuel cards come in a variety of options with varying benefits. So how do you know which one is the best fleet fuel card for your company?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right fuel card for your business.

Network Size and Type

When OTR trucks have to travel far away from their route of travel to locate a fuel lane that accommodates a big rig, your team is wasting valuable time and resources. It’s important to choose a fuel card with a large truck stop network that offers everything a long-haul truck driver is looking for.

  • Easy access via highways and interstates
  • Ample parking suitable for class 8 vehicles
  • Fast flow diesel lanes with extra-large canopies
  • Access to DEF, scales, maintenance bays, lubricants
  • Restaurants, showers, wifi services
  • A dedicated fuel desk with a support team to ensure your drivers have what they need

Local fleets that require the ability to fuel at street-level gas stations need a fleet fuel card with a wide acceptance network that allows them to shop for the least expensive gallon as well as ensure drivers can use their fleet fuel card regardless of their location.

Fuel Card Discounts

Most, if not all, fleet fuel cards offer discounts so that you pay less at the pump. These discounts can come in a variety of ways.

  • Cash price: most truck stops post a “Cash Price” that is generally .02 – .06 cents cheaper per gallon than a “Credit Price.” Because good fleet fuel cards generally have lower interchange rates than open-loop credit cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.), many truck stops treat a fuel card much like they would a cash purchase. Make sure your fleet fuel card offers cash price at the pump
  • Network fuel card discounts: Certain fleet fuel card issuers have negotiated with select truck stop locations for fuel discounts, below cash price, that are available to all their customers. Simply swipe the card and save.
  • Customer direct fuel card discounts: It is not uncommon for a truck stop to negotiate a fuel discount deal directly with a fleet in exchange for an additional volume. You want to make sure that your fuel card provider can honor these direct fuel card discounts that are awarded by a truck stop location.
  • Rebates: some fuel card providers offer a rebate on fuel purchases made within a certain network of truck stops.

Purchase Controls & Reporting

Quality fleet fuel cards offer a wide array of purchase controls that allow fleet managers to manage spend and ensure purchases are in compliance with the needs and desires of the fleet. Your fleet fuel card should offer the ability to manage purchases in a variety of ways, including by product type, dollar/transaction amount, network type, time of day, day of week etc. It’s important to have control of your fleet’s fuel card spend.

Another major benefit of fleet fuel cards is their ability to provide the data needed for back office reporting. Fleets require the ability to access customized reporting that is only available from a dedicated fleet fuel card provider. Whether you need fleet fuel card data for IFTA or driver settlement, your fleet fuel card should offer customizable reporting as well as integrations with various Transportation Management Systems (TMS) that are used by thousands of fleets to manage their back office operations.

Ample Credit Lines & Access to Cash

The cost of fuel is the second leading operational cost for fleets, only trailing personnel overhead. Having enough credit to operate your fleet is vital to success as without it, your drivers are stranded and load obligations are not met. Some fuel card providers will proactively adjust a fuel card credit line based on need if your fleet has shown to be in good standing with paying its fuel bill. Long haul fleets oftentimes will need access to cash or money check products to pay for ancillary expenses. Make sure your fuel card provider allows a portion of the fuel card credit line to be accessed as cash to pay for emergency repairs, lumpers, driver per diems, or any other item that pops up in the course of business.

Now that you know what to look for in a fleet fuel card program, check out what Multi Service Fuel Card has to offer

Find your right fit with Multi Service Fuel Card.


OVER THE ROAD (OTR) Fleet Fuel Card

A fleet fuel card for truck stops

For-hire or private fleet drivers often need truck stop locations with dedicated fast-fuel diesel lanes and access to products like DEF, scales, and truck parking. A fleet fuel card that’s accepted at truck stops is essential. The OTR Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at nearly more than 8,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

Learn More About Our OTR Fuel Card

MSFC Local

LOCAL CARD Fleet Fuel Card

A fleet fuel card for gas stations

If your fleet is made up of vehicles that need the ability to fuel anywhere and everywhere, including gas stations, then you need a fuel card that features universal acceptance, and purchase controls to manage spend. The Local Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at more than 330,000 fuel and maintenance locations and is a perfect fit for regional or in-town routes.

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Fleet Fuel Card options for Owner-Operators all the way up to the largest National Fleets.


Generous Credit Lines

Purchase Controls

Accepted at Truck Stops

Accepted at Gas Stations

Network Fuel Discounts

Direct Discounts

Cash Price at Pump

Cash Advances

Customizable Reporting

Online Account Portal

24/7 Customer Support

Extended Billing Terms

Maintenance/Repair Options





























The Best Fuel Card For Trucking Companies

 OTR Multi Service Fuel Card

The OTR Multi Service Fuel Card is a dedicated fleet card that is accepted at over 8,000 truck stops across the country. It’s perfect for long-haul fleets that desire the ability to maximize savings and access a fuel card credit line that keeps drivers on the road.

Multi Service Fuel Card customers appreciate online, customizable reporting designed for their back-office software applications. We are integrated with more than 38 different TMS software providers, making account reconciliation, IFTA and driver settlement a breeze.

Combined with 24/7/365 in-person customer support, the Powerful Card® will keep your fleet moving.

truck icon WF

Local Multi Service Fuel Card Keeps You On The Go

The Local Multi Service Fuel Card is the Universal option for fleets that need to fuel anywhere: gas stations, truck stops, and maintenance locations. With over 330,000 fueling locations in our network, your drivers can shop for the lowest cost gallon along their route and never fear of not having their fleet fuel card accepted when they need to refuel.

We provide fleet managers purchase controls over your fleet fuel card, helping prevent overspend or misuse. Customizable reporting saves you time and money. And our 24/7/365 customer support team is always available to support your drivers.

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Two Fuel Cards: One Bill 

Looking for a fuel card program that provides even more? For mixed fleets that could benefit from both OTR Multi Service Fuel Card and Local Multi Service Fuel Card, you’ll appreciate the convenience of consolidated billing that allows for a singular account view. The cards are uniquely branded so that they’re easily distinguishable. A fuel card option that maximizes your fleet’s growth potential.  

Multi Service Fuel Card - Powering the American Dream Since 1978

Multi Service Fuel Card has been helping carriers grow since 1978. We work hard to be your trusted fleet fuel card partner and understand that you have a choice when it comes to fueling. Regardless of how big your fleet is, we want to help your business grow.

Does Your Fleet Have Any of These Needs?

There are many things to consider when deciding on a fuel card to for a fleet. Savings, purchase controls, accuracy, and acceptance are just a few of the things a fleet manager must think about.

Fuel Card Network Savings

The Zero-Fee Network

Comprised of thousands of truck stops, the Zero-Fee Network eliminates all transaction fees for fleets.

Convenience + Security

Our Multi Service Fuel Card transaction management platform ensures that fuel bills are accurate, transparent and provide all the data needed for back office reconciliation.

Generous Credit for Fleets

Get a dependable fuel card line of credit that works best for your fleet as well as the ability to access emergency money from your available credit line.