Multi Service LOCAL Card

Multi Service Local Fleet Fuel Card

For the fleet owner that expects more from their fuel card provider

Get the most out of your local fuel fleet card! Our Multi Service local fuel card is designed for companies with class 1-6 vehicles that need to refuel at street-level gas stations while running routes within a localized area.

Your Local Fleet Fuel Card Solution For Everywhere You Need To Be

It’s time to partner with a fuel card provider that understands your business. Multi Service Fuel Card has been serving the transportation industry since 1978. We are here to help you grow your bottom line while serving the drivers that are an integral part of your business. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from working with Multi Service as your fuel card provider.


Accepted at over 330,000 fuel and stops maintenance locations, your drivers will never struggle finding a location that accepts the Local Card; it truly offers universal acceptance through the United States.


Because the Multi Service Fuel Card Local Card is accepted virtually everywhere, drivers have the ability to price shop with confidence knowing they can find low cost gallons along their routes of travels.


With our full suite of purchase controls and customized reporting, it's almost like having an in-house fleet manager. We do more than just save you money, we support your fleet operations with advanced technology solutions that are easy to understand and use.

Multi Service Fuel Card offers flexibility and specialized fleet management tools built to save you money in real time.

Pin/Odometer Prompting

Experience peace of mind with The LOCAL Card’s pin & odometer prompting. Providing your fleet with an extra level of security and tracking of vehicles while on their routes.

Purchase Controls

Multi Service Fuel Card’s purchase control give you visibility and control over card usage – from approving and blocking drivers to setting spending limits for per gallon fueling, specific dollar limits, and so much more. Protect your bottom line while providing your drivers with the resources they need to keep moving forward.

Online Merchant Locator

Our network includes locations for both fuel and maintenance. The LOCAL Fleet Card merchant locator app connects your drivers with the best fuel prices on their route.

24/7 Customer Support

The Multi Service Customer Support Team – a U.S. based function available 24/7/365 – is available when you need them most. No matter how complex the problem, the team is standing by to provide the support you need.

Flexible Fuel Card Options

The Local Card can be customized via a variety of purchase controls that can open or restrict product types depending on your needs. From unleaded only to car washes and in-store purchases, the Local Card can be as open or restricted as your driver policy allows for.

Universal Access

The Local Card runs on the Voyager network, which is accepted at 330,000 fuel and maintenance locations through the United States. Your drivers will always be able to find fuel when they need it.
local card
Experience the flexibility of fueling up at more than 330,000 locations.

Unlike credit cards, Multi Service Fuel Card provides transaction specific fuel data allowing you the insight needed to manage your business.

Fuel Card Solutions For Mixed Fleets

If your business has a mixed fleet of local and OTR drivers, we are the fuel card provider for you! Multi Service Fuel Card understands the importance of having a program that supports both your nationwide, OTR drivers and your local fleet. Experience all the benefits of our OTR and LOCAL cards with a single solution. With streamlined reporting and integration with over 38 TMS systems, experience all the benefits that come from a fuel card provider that has your best interests at heart.