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Multi Service Fuel Card Is The Only OTR Fuel Fleet Card You Need

For over the road (OTR) trucking fleets, saving money on fuel is essential to maintaining a healthy bottom line. Fuel expenses are one of the largest operating costs for OTR fleets, and even a small reduction in fuel costs or consumption can make a significant difference. Whether you’re an owner/operator or large fleet owner using an over-the-road fuel card or credit card that isn’t saving you money on every gallon of fuel that your fleet purchases, you’re not maximizing your fuel spend.

Multi Service Fuel Card customers can save on every gallon of fuel they purchase with their OTR fuel card. Fuel up in our Zero-Fee network and eliminate all transaction fees, combined with cash price savings.

Multi Service Fuel Card delivers fleet fuel cards designed to improve your bottom line through savings, purchase controls, accurate reporting, and the best customer support in the fuel card industry.

  • Network fuel savings at more than 1,500 locations.
  • Customizable reporting that ties into 39 different TMS systems.
  • Reliable and accurate billing that’s transparent and easy to understand.
  • Premium customer service that is U.S. based and available 24/7/365.

A Better Fleet Fuel Card

Multi Service Fuel Card has been helping fleets maximize fuel spend for more than four decades. Our customers appreciate our customer-first mentality and standing by when you need us most.

As any fleet manager knows, one of the biggest challenges is finding a fuel card that meets the needs of your operation. There are a lot of factors to consider, from acceptance at truck stops to discounts on fuel. Multi Service Fuel Card has the power to save you money and the flexibility to improve your business.

OTR Fuel Cards For Any Size Fleet

Multi Service Fuel Card offers fuel cards for fleets of all sizes – from owner-operator to large carriers with trucks at multiple terminals across the country. No matter the size fleet, Multi Service Fuel Card provides our customers with the tools needed to help increase profitability through deeper discounts and efficient controls. Multi Service Fuel Card is a fleet fuel card that improves your bottom line. Ditch the credit card and start saving more money today with the Powerful Card®.

.04 CPG
.14 CPG


There are more than 1,200 locations that feature built-in discounts for all OTR Multi Service Fuel Card customers. Drivers can easily access the nearest fuel discount partner via our easy-to-use mobile app.

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If you have an existing relationship with a truck stop that is offering you a one-to-one discount, our platform can facilitate, authorize, and provide invoicing with line item savings detail for your fleet. Through relationships we have built in the truck stop industry, we are also able to provide access to discounts nationwide through our network discounts negotiated on your behalf. Discover how much you could be saving on your OTR fleet fuel now.

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We’re the first fuel card to offer “Cash Price” pricing locations. Experience the power, ease, and convenience of a credit card, without the monthly bill and finance charges!

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Transaction fees are the hidden enemy of fleet owners looking to save money on fuel. The Zero-Fee Network offered by Multi Service Fuel Card is a collection of more than 3,400 truck stop locations in which you can swipe free of fees. Experience maximum savings by combining Cash Price at the pump with our Zero-Fee network. It’s just another way our OTR fuel card makes your life more convenient.

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Multi Service Fleet Card was built to make you and your drivers’ lives easier.

Our benefits offerings are the best in the industry. Find out why fleets everywhere are turning to Multi Service Fuel Card

credit limits

Find out why fleets everywhere are turning to Multi Service Fuel Card


The fuel card industry is rife with businesses that use a complex and convoluted fuel card bill to hide transaction fees or other ancillary fees that oftentimes go unnoticed for weeks and months, if at all. Fuel card billing should be accurate, transparent, easy to understand, and accessible through a variety of ways. Multi Service Fuel Card takes pride in its billing and settlement practices in which customers are billed they know are accurate and easy to digest. Rest easy that your fleet fuel card provider is providing the detail you need to manage fuel spend.


Every long-haul fleet understands the importance of accessing a portion of a fleet fuel card credit line in the form of cash. Multi Service Fuel Card customers can issue money codes to their drivers in a variety of ways or use an InstaMoney® Check to pay a third party vendor for services. Fleet Owners can also disable “Cash” on their fuel card account through our dedicated purchase controls, ensuring the fuel card account is exclusively used for fuel and drivers aren’t able to access cash when prohibited by company policy.


The Multi Service Fuel Card platform features an array of purchase controls that allow fleet owners the ability to control spend with a click of a button. Whether you want to restrict network access to specific truck stop locations, disable Money products or authorize the purchase of unleaded fuel in addition to diesel, the fully suite of purchase controls offered by Multi Service Fuel Card puts the fleet owner in control of how their hard earned money is used to purchase fuel.


Purchase Control Snapshot


Gallon Limits
Dollar Limits
Customized Product Authorizations
Fuel Only Profile
Fuel & Other Profile
Card Controls
Money Codes
Network Restrictions


Purchase Control Snapshot


*Examples of products that can be authorized: unleaded, DEF, reefer, fluids, cash, scales, CNG, LNG, propane, natural gas, bio-diesel, red dye diesel, lubricants, service & maintenance, and much more.


A dedicated and reliable line of credit is the backbone to any fuel card program. We specialize in making underwriting hassle-free for fleets of all sizes in getting the credit they need to keep your fleet moving. Credit issues? No problem. Multi Service Fuel Card can facilitate full-security accounts that allow you to access the savings provided by a fuel card that will get your fleet on the right track to a fully unsecured line of credit.


We provide reliable and accurate reporting to help you make informed decisions about your fleet’s fuel spend. From filing IFTA reports to reconciling with back office accounting, we provide fleet owners with Level III data that enables them to manage their business.  

We are integrated with multiple TMS (Transport Management Systems) that fleet owners depend on to manage their fleet. Some of these include: 

All Ways Track
Axis TMS 
Bolt System 
Classic – Software 
Compares Services 
Dr. Dispatch 
Frontline Software Technology 
ITS Dispatch 
Innovative Software 
JJ Keller 
Keystone Truck Software 
Land Traffic Control 
Lee TransServices 
PC Miller 
Pro Transport 
Profit Tools, Inc.  
Rair Lytx 
Software Online Solutions 
Strategy Systems Software Co. 
Transport Pro – Ocean Sphere 
Truck Win 32 Software 
Trucker Logistics 


When running a logistics business, we understand that time is money. That’s why we offer the best customer support in the industry, with live, in-person support available 24/7/365. We’re quick to assist, reducing lost time for your fleet.


The OTR Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at more than 8,500 dedicated truck stops across North America. Our extensive fuel network is here to ensure your big rigs can access truck stops designed specifically for them while still enjoying the discounts you deserve.

What is the difference between an OTR fleet fuel card and a Local fleet fuel card?

Multi Service Fuel Cards OTR fleet card is our truck stop card. Its acceptance network consists of truck stops along major routes of travel. Download the Multi Service Fuel Card mobile app to identify truck stops and learn about amenities offered, discounts, transaction fees and more.

The Multi Service Local Card is our gas station card. Running on the Voyager network, the Local Card is accepted at more than 330,000 fuel and maintenance locations, giving your drivers the ability to shop for low-cost gallons.

What Over-The-Road Fuel Card is right for your fleet?

The fueling needs of a fleet vary from customer to customer, so we created a program to meet the needs of your fleet, no matter what. Our fuel card is for truckers, owner operators, and small businesses, to multi-truck fleets. We understand what’s important to your business and build your solution around those needs. This isn’t our fuel card program…it’s yours.


We want to help your fleet go and grow! Apply today for the Powerful Card®.

Fuel Card Network Discounts

There are more than 1,500 locations that feature built-in discounts for all OTR Multi Service Fuel Card customers. Drivers can easily access the nearest fuel discount partner via our easy-to-use mobile app.

Learn how you can save more on your fleet fuel today.

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