Growing Shortage of Trucking Technicians

Growing Shortage of Trucking Technicians


The on-going cry that’s heard by many in the trucking and logistics industry is the driver shortage that fleets are dealing with across the U.S. and Canada. However, that’s not the only trucking-related occupation that recruiters are having trouble filling. Experienced truck technicians that keep trucks and equipment up and running are proving to be difficult to find for recruiters and the number of occupational openings is expected to increase by the tens of thousands by 2021.

In a recent CCJ interview, WheelTime’s George Arrants says that trade school graduates lack the necessary skill set needed to hit the ground running. Technical training schools should get more input from industry professionals to make training programs better, making it easier to fill positions with its graduates.

Kenneth Calhoun, Vice President of Customer Relations at Truck Centers of Arkansas, speaks to the importance of promoting the Trucking Technician industry as one that supports and develops careers. Many management-level professionals entered the trucking space in a technical capacity. There needs to be a larger emphasis on how you can enter the field and grow it into a career.

Trucking professionals should be “actively promoting the industry at every opportunity and sticking up for it when it is being belittled or marginalized,” says Dave Williams, former Verizon Fleet Services Manager. He says that the biggest part is just spreading the knowledge of all the different opportunities within the field.

Williams also emphasizes that technical school educators are hungry for assistance and guidance from industry professionals. These educators are teaching more than workshop skills, they’re also teaching soft skills and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) courses.

Trucks have more technology incorporated into them than almost anything else that moves in the world, Arrants said. The general public isn’t aware of how lucrative the opportunities are within trucking.

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