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Industries Best Served By Fleet Fuel Cards

There are many benefits that come with using a fleet fuel card. For trucking companies, local businesses, and even in-town fleets, having a fuel card can save time and money. Let’s take a look at some of the industries that benefit most from using a fleet fuel card.

Private Fleets

As any business owner knows, saving money is essential to maintaining a profitable operation. One way that companies with private diesel fleets can save money is by using a fuel card. Fuel cards provide discounts on fuel purchases, which can add up to significant savings over time. In addition, fuel cards can also be used to track fuel usage and expenditures, which can help businesses budget more effectively and cut down on unnecessary costs. Most local fleet fuel cards also can be used to cover maintenance items which can keep your service vehicles on track and on-time meeting your customers’ needs.

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Trucking and Logistics Companies

For trucking and logistics companies, a truck fleet fuel card is more than a lifesaver, it is a necessity. With so many vehicles on the road, fuel is a huge part of your overall expenses. It can be difficult to keep track of fuel and ancillary expenses. A truck fleet fuel card helps not only by providing significant fuel discounts but also by giving you a single online account management system for all of your company’s vehicles. This makes it easy to track spending and identify any potential problems.

Most trucking and logistic companies have OTR fleets that require fleet fuel cards with nationwide acceptance along their routes. Additionally, trucking companies that deliver in and around town can benefit from having a local fuel card that is accepted at stations in their local area.

Public Transit

Having a fuel card for your public transit fleet can help in a few ways: truck fleet fuel cards help save money on fuel expenses, and in-town fleet fuel cards provide an easy way to track and manage fuel expenses.  Fleet fuel cards also help keep track of how much each truck is using, so you can budget for maintenance and repairs accordingly. In addition, using a fuel card can also help you take advantage of discounts at truck stops and other locations.

Government Fleets

Local, state, and federal government agencies all have truck fleets that need to be fueled. A truck fleet fuel card can help these agencies manage their budgets and track their spending. With Multi Service Fuel Card’s powerful reporting and management tools, government fleets can reduce time spent reviewing fuel card reports and quickly determine efficiencies that can be gained through improved fleet management.

School Buses

Most school districts have their own truck fleets to transport students to and from school. A school bus fleet fuel card can help save the district money on fuel costs. The truck fleet fuel card can also be used to purchase maintenance and repair services for the buses.

Administrators enjoy the ability to control expenses through an easy-to-use dashboard and accurate expense reporting.