Massive Pileup Blamed on Truck Driver

Massive Pileup Blamed on Truck Driver
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A pileup featuring as many as 100 cars by some accounts is being blamed by witnesses on a single truck driver. The accident killed three people and injured dozens.

Tina Snow saw the whole incident gave her account to a local television station.

“The 18 wheeler came out of the slow lane and into the fast lane and he didn’t brake, he didn’t slow down, he kept going. And the little car in front of him obviously wasn’t going fast enough for him, so he braked extremely hard, and when he braked extremely hard, he fish tailed. And at the point of fish tailing, everybody starts slamming their brakes on,” said Snow.

Investigators aren’t quite sure that’s the actual reason for the crash. They believe it may have been multiple individual crashes that ended up involving upwards of 100 cars. The official cause is still waiting to be determined

The issue is that in an incident of this size is very difficult to attribute to one factor, so while the truck driver may have played a role in the whole situation, it is unlikely it was the only role played.

One factor that very likely played a role was the dense fog that was prevalent that day. The area, Fancy Gap, is notorious for fog. The fog warning signs were lit, but even those were difficult to read that day.

Open Road Drivers Plan features a story on the best ways to deal with fog while driving.

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