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Increase your fuel sales and in-store traffic

Trusted to help truck stop and gas station merchants grow, nationwide.

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Let the Powerful Card Get You More Gallons

As a leader in the fuel card industry, our products and services are used by fleets nationwide to manage and run their fuel needs.

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Joining the Multi Service Fuel Merchant Network opens your business to an entirely new customer audience.

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We market your business

Joining the MultiService Merchant Network gives you immediate visibility to thousands of fleets nationwide.

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There are Truckers Looking for Your Amenities

You let us know what services you provide at your fuel station.

We'll pass the word on to a couple thousand of our friends.

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Increase fuel sales and foot traffic

Truckers rely on Multi Service Fuel Cards for more than lower fuel prices. They can be used for things like food and lodging.

Our Fuel Merchants are Our Partners

Why Multi Service Fuel Card? Flexibility, centralized billing expertise, smart integrations, 40+ years fuel payment experience.

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