Multi Service Fuel Card Highlights

Multi Service Fuel Card Highlights

Over the course of the last few months, a lot has changed with the Multi Service Fuel Card, but we’ve been able to implement these changes while maintaining all the great benefits of the Powerful Card and even improving some of them. Take a look at some of the great things happening with Multi Service Fuel Card.

Multi Service Fuel Card Truck Stop Directory
MSFCcover Our yearly guide to all the in-network truck stops is coming out again this year, but with a different look. You’ll still get the same great insight on all the various services available at all the truckstops that accept the Multi Service Fuel Card, but you’ll also be getting a lot more. We’ve redesigned and improved maps so they’re easier to read and we’ve also (for the first time ever) included six different full-color feature articles that we hope you find both useful and entertaining.  The directories go to print in December and should be shipped to your location starting in January. We hope you like the improvements!

New Fuel Card Designs
msfc_otr card flat image small We unveiled a new card design for the Multi Service Fuel Card this year. It had been more than 15 years since we’ve done a fuel card redesign, and it was only the third design since the inception of the card in 1978! One of our trademarked taglines is the Powerful Card® and we think this design embodies that. The card features a foil-stamped, front-facing tractor that symbolizes progression and growth as that’s exactly what we’re here to do…help your company grow.  If you still have the older card design, don’t throw it out as the card still works, but if you receive any new cards from here on out, this is the card that you’ll get. And remember, you’re still getting the CASH PRICE at the pump with Multi Service OTR Fuel Card!

Multi Service Local Card
msfc_local card flat image small Multi Service Fuel Card has gone LOCAL! This is the Multi Service Fuel Card mixed fleet solution. For years, we were never able to provide a fuel card for fleets that needed to fill up class 1-6 vehicles (trucks, cars, vans etc.) at street-level gas stations. We only offered an OTR solution that was to be used at truck stops and served carriers with only class 7-8 fleets. Those days are gone however and the LOCAL card allows your fleet the same great benefits as the Multi Service OTR card.  If you’re a mixed fleet and are already using the OTR card but want to learn more about our brand new local card, contact us at 866.951.9884 or apply online today.

New Packaging for Cards
When you receive your new cards, you’ll be getting a different package than you’re used to. We’ve condensed everything into one package that allows you to have a guide to the Multi Service Fuel Card you can use for reference at any time that’s convenient to you. This may seem like a small item, but we’re excited about making everything about Multi Service Fuel Card first class and second to none.

We’ve made a lot of improvements, but that isn’t the end for Multi Service Fuel Card as we’re constantly looking to improve and build on our programs to make sure the Powerful Card® remains as powerful as it can be.

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