Multi Service Fuel Card Helps Fleets Grow

on Aug 26, 2014
Multi Service Fuel Card Helps Fleets Grow

At Multi Service Fuel Card, we love to hear when our customers succeed because of the service we provide. Every month we'll bring you a few stories to highlight the power of the Multi Service Fuel Card and how it can help take your fleet to the next level of success.

Just Needed A Little Credit
A trucking company right in our back yard of Overland Park, KS needed help. They were pretty successful but were struggling to find the best way to fuel their drivers as they were simply doling out cash to each driver before they headed out on their long haul. Often, drivers were on the road for two weeks, which meant a lot of cash was being issued. Because of this, it was also difficult for the fleet to grow as dispersing cash to drivers is hardly the best way to make sure drivers are able to fill up their tanks. That's where Multi Service Fuel Card came into play. Our Fuel Card Specialists and our underwriting team were able to give them a weekly line of credit that more than met their needs. They now have six trucks and plan to add more by the end of the year, and it's all thanks to Multi Service Fuel Card.

Bad Personal Credit Worried a Fleet
One fleet on the East Coast needed a line of credit in the worst way, but the owner was reluctant to apply for the Multi Service Fuel Card because he believed his bad personal credit would preclude him from qualifying. After spending some time on the phone with a Multi Service Fuel Card Specialist, he learned that we only look at business credit. Within three days of submitting his application, this fleet had a large line of credit and was able to get moving - delivering freight and making money.

At Multi Service Fuel Card, we've been working with small trucking companies for over 30 years, and we understand the great importance of keeping business credit separate from personal credit. Fleet owners pour their heart and soul into their business and that's why we underwrite the way we do. Our credit policies are different from our competition and allow us to issue a line of credit based on the worthiness of the business and not the individual making the request. It's what sets us apart from the rest.

Management Controls Help Fleet Owner
One fleet in Florida has been using Multi Service Fuel Card for more than two years now, and the business has begun to boom because of it. When this fleet first started using the powerful card, it was with a partially secured account for two trucks. In a relatively short time, the fleet now has nine trucks and is getting ready to hire six additional owner/operators! As the fleet has grown, Multi Service Fuel Card has always been there to help in the process by allowing credit lines to grow. Additionally, they now operate with a fully unsecured line of credit.  The fleet owner also absolutely loves the great account controls he has through Direct Access. It helps to track and manage spending on the cards and keep tabs on everything happening with his fleet.

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