Multi Service Fuel Card Launches Enhanced Mobile App with Eye Toward Rapid Innovation

on May 01, 2024
Multi Service Fuel Card Launches Enhanced Mobile App with Eye Toward Rapid Innovation

Multi Service Fuel Card is proud to announce the launch of its mobile application. The app, which will also go by the name of Multi Service Fuel Card, was developed to support over-the-road truck drivers and fleet owners as they seek out cost-effective fuel options.

The Multi Service Fuel Card mobile application is accessible to existing fuel card customers and non-customers alike and is available today for both Apple and Android operating systems. The mobile app has focused on providing all users with the most accurate fuel pricing available so they can make cost-effective fueling decisions over the road. Also, any user can store multiple truck profiles and fuel plan for the road ahead, leveraging proximity and amenity filters alongside their pricing data.

Multi Service Fuel Card is known for its extensive truck stop merchant network with nearly 8,900 locations.  Card-accepting merchants will benefit from increased visibility to over-the-road truck drivers who will be able to identify desired truck stop locations based on price or amenities. 

Multi Service Fuel Card accountholders receive additional benefits such as customized pricing with specific merchant groups. Price transparency, card ordering and card management are all additional features available to accountholders on-the-go via the new mobile app. 

“We are incredibly excited to finally launch our mobile app,” said Aaron Decker, CEO of Multi Service Fuel Card. “The features at launch are tools our customers have requested of us. Our team has poured their hearts and souls into delivering for our customers, and we truly believe it will provide a new level of ease and transparency over the road. This release is just the beginning of many enhancements we are set to deliver over the next year.” 



About Multi Service Fuel Card

Multi Service Fuel Card was founded in 1978 by a former over-the-road truck driver who believed there had to be a better way to pay for fuel than a pocket full of cash. From that belief came the first fuel card to offer real-time transaction authorization, forever changing the way fleet owners managed fuel spend. More than four decades later, Multi Service Fuel Card continues to be recognized by its customers as the leading fuel card solution in the trucking industry. Accepted at over 8,900 truck stops of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada, including TA/Petro, Pilot/Flying J, Love’s, regional chains and independent locations.

In September 2021, Multi Service Fuel Card was acquired by Shell USA and operates as a wholly owned Portfolio Company. For more information, visit multiservicefuelcard.com, Facebook, or Instagram. To access fuel price information across the network, download the Multi Service Fuel Card mobile app.


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