Managing Your Fleet With Diesel Fuel Cards

on Dec 10, 2012
Managing Your Fleet With Diesel Fuel Cards

There are many benefits to utilizing a fuel card when it comes to your business, but an added bonus you might not realize lies in fuel management. Whether your fleet has three drivers or 1,000’s, you’ll be able to gain perspectives and insights designed to improve and build your business.


By outfitting your drivers with diesel fuel cards, you’ll be able to monitor their whereabouts and purchases. This is particularly great for security and safety purposes- should a driver fall off the grid or go missing- you’ll be able to see why they last fueled and where.


If you want to limit your drivers to purchase fuel and only fuel with the diesel fuel card, you can set that control via your online account. If you want to allow them cash advances, or to pay for repairs, those controls can be set as well. You’ll be able to implement purchasing controls on the diesel fuel card by requiring drivers to enter their PIN, allowing or disallowing purchases of a specific products, set a maximum dollar amount or gallon amount either by transaction or by day.


Perhaps one of the most beneficial perks to utilizing a diesel fuel card is the reporting that comes along with use of the card. By using the reporting feature, you can see when you’re fueling and where, and the average cost. You can also separate your billing statements by driver name, fuel quantity, location, date and time, fuel type, truck number, driver number, oil amount, oil quantity, invoice, invoice date, merchant state, number or city, reefer amount… The list goes on and on. Essentially, whatever information you’re trying to locate, the reporting feature will not only be able to find it, but also present it in a way that makes sense and pertains directly to your business.


A diesel fuel card is only as strong as the customer service which it stands behind. A great diesel fuel card will offer 24/7/365 customer service free of charge- without any robo-operators or “push button” menus. Where you’re calling in on a random Monday in July, or Christmas Eve, someone will be available to take your call and help you with whatever your situation calls for.


Discover how diesel fuel cards can help you optimize your fleet fuel purchases for maximum savings. You can get real-time, accurate data online just by logging into your account. Whether you want a report organized by driver name, truck number, odometer reading, fuel quantity fuel price, location, date and time or fuel type, you can be in charge of your drivers' over-the-road purchases.

Truck Stops

It is one of the most important things that all of the truck stops listed in a particular diesel fuel card network are true truck stops- not gas stations that happen to have a diesel pump. It’s also important by using that diesel fuel card, your drivers always get the cash price.

Multi Service Fuel Card offers all these things and more.

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