Success Stories: Multi Service Fuel Card's Credit Lines Help Customers

on Jan 27, 2015
Success Stories: Multi Service Fuel Card's Credit Lines Help Customers

We love to hear when our customers succeed because of the service provided by Multi Service Fuel Card. Every month we'll bring you a few stories to highlight the power of the Multi Service Fuel Card and how it can help take your fleet grow to the next level of success.

Multi Service Fuel Card Provided Credit Line Competitors Couldn't

One of Multi Service Fuel Card's newest customers is a fleet from Kentucky that's been open for business for the past 15 years and has grown in that time. As the company grew, so did the requirement for a higher credit limit to accommodate new trucks and new routes. Unfortunately, this fleet's previous fuel card wouldn't accommodate their needs. Trucks were getting stranded and payments had to be made multiple times throughout the week. Enter Multi Service Fuel Card. Known for offering some of the most generous credit lines in the industry, Multi Service Fuel Card was able to get this Bluegrass State fleet set up with a nearly a $20,000 weekly line of credit to cover fuel costs and keep their business moving and growing.

No Shying Away from Start Ups

Every fleet has to start somewhere. Recently, a Canadian fleet was struggling to get started because they were unable to secure any kind of line of credit. They had been giving their drivers large amounts of cash to buy fuel, which is quite dangerous to both the fleet and the driver with the issues of record-keeping put into question along with the possibility of theft. But many fuel cards make it darn near impossible for new and emerging fleets to secure a line of credit. What were they to do? Luckily for this fleet, Multi Service Fuel Card understands the needs of a new trucking business and worked with them to establish a partially secured line of credit. The customer put down $5,000 and was able to obtain a $10,000 line of credit, giving them the resources to operate their new business successfully.  Between that money and our online tools, including card controls and reporting, this customer not only has a better way to pay for fuel now, but also has peace of mind.

Fleet Needed Better Reporting

One fleet based in Nevada is thankful for the switch to Multi Service Fuel Card after seeing what kind of reporting came with being a cardholder. Previously, they had provided prepaid cards to drivers to fuel along their routes, but that created problems. They struggled with planning the best route to maximize the best fuel prices. Additionally, there was no way to track any of the purchases. With Multi Service Fuel Card's robust reporting features, all that was solved. The fleet could see where drivers were stopping, how much they paid and what was purchased. In addition to the ability to track everything more easily, they were able to get the best prices possible by planning driver's routes to hit the best prices on the road. The switch from a prepaid card to the Multi Service Fuel Card was helping this fleet from all angles.

Do you have a success story for Multi Service Fuel Card and how we've helped you grow or provided a solution? We'd love to share it. Send us an email and we'll get in touch with you. Happy fueling!

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