The Best Diesel Fuel Discount Programs

on Mar 18, 2022

The Best Diesel Fuel Discount Programs

While the needs and requirements of a diesel fuel discount program change for every driver, a simple fact remains the same across the board: a quality diesel fuel card discount program should serve one basic purpose- to save you, your drivers and your company money.

No matter the size of your fleet, Multi Service Fuel Card has a program that can benefit you.

Different cards offer different benefits through their programs- and those discount programs have different rules and stipulations on how you get the discount. But how do you find the one best suited for your needs and practices?

Obviously, a smaller fleet wouldn’t benefit from a discount program based on fuel volume, and a larger fleet might not benefit from a program based on a certain fueling network. The key lies in finding the company that offers the best diesel fuel discount programs on the market based on your needs and specifications.

Multi Service Fuel Card offers the diesel fuel card to fit all business requirements. We offer two separate diesel fuel discount programs, so you can choose which program is better for your business.

Our Zero Fee Network is just that- by using this network, you’re able to run our program for FREE. That means no transaction fees, no card fees, no maintenance fees, and no application fees. The Zero Fee Network consists of over 2,400 truck stops (real, honest-to-god truck stops- no gas stations that happen to have a diesel pump) so your drivers will always be able to fuel. The Zero Fee Network also comes with the all the benefits of being a Multi Service Fuel Card holder— 24/7 live customer service, free cash advances under $200, management reporting, online account access, card controls, free directories and much more.

The Rebate Network of Multi Service Fuel Card is another one of the best diesel fuel discount programs on the market. We saw the need for a discount program that benefited the small to medium sized carriers- not just the carriers with fleets of over 100 trucks. Our Rebate Network isn’t volume driven- so whether you purchase 1,000 gallons per month of 100,000 per month- you’ll receive the discount based on the percentage of gallons purchased in network. That key element is what truly sets Multi Service Fuel Card apart as the best diesel fuel discount program- we benefit every size of carrier. And, just like our Zero Fee Network, The Rebate Network also comes with the best customer service around, directories, card controls, online account access, management reporting and much more.

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