The Best Fuel Card in the Trucking Industry

on Mar 15, 2022
The Best Fuel Card in the Trucking Industry

What Is The Best Fuel Card For My Business?

Fuel cards offer big benefits for businesses with diesel fleets. If you're looking to choose the best fuel card for your business, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Premium Customer Service

You'll want to choose a fuel card company that offers excellent customer service and support in case you have any questions or problems. If you’ve been in
the trucking industry for some time, you know that inevitably there will be times when you will need to call in for one reason or another. Multi Service Fuel Card is known for its best-in-class customer support team which provides:

  • 24/7/365 live U.S.-based customer service team
  • Short hold times that allow you to get back on the road faster
  • Dedicated account management team to maximize your fuel savings

Fuel Discounts

Secondly, many fuel cards offer discounts on fuel purchases, and some even offer exclusive access to fuel rewards programs. Make sure to compare fuel prices and discounts before choosing a fuel card. Multi Service Fuel Card offers multiple forms of discounts for our customers:

  • Cash price: Many truck stops post a “Cash Price” that is generally $0.02-$0.06 cheaper per gallon than a “Credit Price.” Because of the relationships we have formed with truck stops, Multi Service Fuel Card transactions are treated much like a cash purchase.
  • Network fuel card discounts: Multi Service Fuel Card has negotiated with select truck stop locations for fuel discounts, below cash price, that are available to all of our customers. Simply swipe the card and start saving even more
  • Discounts unique to you: to maximize your fuel card discounts we have a specialized account manager that serves as your voice to negotiate personalized discounts with any truck stop
  • Customer direct fuel card discounts: If your fleet already has pre-negotiated discounts with particular truck stops, that’s not a problem. We can honor these direct fuel card discounts and attach them to your card with ease.

Fuel Management Solutions

Some fuel cards have additional features like fuel tracking capabilities or customized controls. Make sure to choose a fuel card that provides the features you need. Multi Service Fuel Card offers:

  • Purchase controls to mitigate risk
  • Integration with over 39 Transportation Management Systems
  • Mobile app to locate filling stations with low-cost gallons along their routes
  • Custom B.I. dashboard & enhanced on-demand reporting

Generous Credit Lines & Nationwide Acceptance

You'll want to choose a fuel card dedicated to keeping your drivers moving. Multi Service Fuel Card takes time to learn your business and develop the solutions that work for you with:

  • Easy application process
  • In-house hassle-free underwriting for fleets of all sizes
  • Acceptance for over 8,600 locations across the United States and Canada

Multi Service Fuel Card is a great option for businesses looking for diesel fuel cards. We offer fuel discounts in a nationwide network of filling stations, fuel tracking and reporting capabilities, and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our fuel card options for businesses.

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