Protect Yourself Against Diesel Fuel Skimming

Protect Yourself Against Diesel Fuel Skimming

As the holiday season approaches, theft in the trucking world rises every year. This can include Cargo theft and more incidents of fuel skimming. Multi Service Fuel Card wants to protect customers as best as possible, but we can’t do it without some help.

One of the best methods customers can utilize to help protect themselves is to set up security measures every time a driver pulls up to the pump to fill up his or her tank. Set up a personal identification number in Direct Access to be entered each time the driver inserts the Multi Service Fuel Card at the pump. A PIN can also be set up by calling the customer service team at (877) 673-5338. Your PIN must be between four and 10 digits long and can use both alpha and numeric characters. Please be sure the PIN is mandatory to enter.

Fueling Truck For additional security, make sure the driver is forced to enter his or her unit number every time filling up. Every extra bit of security can help to protect your drivers against fraudulent activity that could result in a loss of money for your fleet.

Remember, when skimming is done “well,” it’s virtually impossible to identify a pump that has been tampered with. Just be careful when approaching the pump and look for anything that looks even remotely suspicious. If something does look suspicious talk to the attendant and move the truck to a different pump just to be safe from diesel fuel skimming.

Multi Service Fuel Card takes measures to help as well by setting a 300 gallon per card, per day limit for fueling as well as monitoring accounts for suspicious activity. Unfortunately, suspicious activity isn’t caught until after it has happened. Setting up a mandatory PIN for drivers to enter at the pump along with their unit number is a proactive measure that can help stop diesel fuel fraud and save your fleet money.

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