Slick Conditions Lead to Not So Slick Truck Driving

Slick Conditions Lead to Not So Slick Truck Driving

Do NOT try this at home!

This is a foreign truck driver that would definitely need a good CDL Attorney if he were to get caught pulling these not-to-smart shannigans on U.S. roads.

While the weather in this instance allowed the driver to pull off this dumb stunt. wintry roads also makes for worse gas mileage for a few reasons:

  • Lower Tire Pressure – For every 10° drop in temperature, tires lose 1 percent of PSI. And for every one PSI your tires drop in pressure, you’ll lose about half a percent in fuel economy.
  • Higher Electrical Usage – Colder temperatures and precipitation lead to using your lights more due to laws in most states saying your lights need to be on if your wipers are working. Additionally, it gets darker earlier, which leads to increase use of the lights.
  • More Aerodynamic Drag – Cold air is denser than warm air, which means there’s more drag when the cold air passes over the vehicle. For every 10° drop in temperature, aerodynamic drag decreases by 2 percent.
  • Icy/Snowy Roads – Slipping and sliding simply burns more gas. The truck above burned A LOT of gas.

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