Success Stories: Getting Fleet Owners What They Need, When They Need It

Success Stories: Getting Fleet Owners What They Need, When They Need It
Diesel Prices

Multi Service Fuel Card helps its customers grow. The Powerful Card® offers solutions for small to medium-sized carriers that are normally only available to larger fleets by our competitors. This month, Multi Service Fuel Card helped owner-operators secure the right amount of credit to meet their needs while saving them money, and also help them take advantage of online resources to maximize efficiency.

Owner-Operator Gets Discounts, Not Fees          

One owner-operator was leased onto a company and used a fuel card provided by the fleet owner. However, he didn’t appreciate how fees were passed to him while the company kept all the discounts! He’d looked at getting his own fuel card in the past, but was always told by different fuel card providers that because he didn’t have his own authority or DOT number that getting a fuel card wasn’t an option. A year later, a friend recommended Multi Service Fuel Card, which offers some of the most generous lines of credit in the industry. A Multi Service Fuel Card national account representative was helped this owner-operator secure the credit coverage that he needed to conduct daily business. He now benefits from fueling through the Zero Fee network, which keeps more of his hard earned money in his pocket.

Multi Service Fuel Card Helps Customers Take Ownership of Their Business

Another customer purchased a trucking business this year, but had difficulty securing a line of credit through different fuel cards. She was forced to use the previous owners’ credit cards to maintain the business, incurring costly fees and higher fuel prices at the pump. Instead of just telling her “no”, a Multi Service Fuel Card national account representative proposed a secured line of credit that would allow her to get cash price at the pump and discounts through our Zero Fee network. She was able to rip up the credit cards and can now truly say that this is indeed her own business!

Online Tools Let You Manage Fleet from Anywhere

A carrier with a small fleet of trucks incurred some personal health issues that made it difficult to be in the office every day. He needed a way to manage his fleet’s fuel and assist drivers without having to go into the office. Our Direct Access and management systems were just what he needed. With our web-based portal, fleet managers can easily access, implement and update purchasing controls in real time. This fleet owner was able to run his business efficiently and comfortably until he was back on his feet.

Content brought to you by the Multi Service Fuel Card. It’s simply the best overall fleet fuel card value in the market today. We offer generous credit lines, access to our Zero Fee and Rebate networks, the best customer service in the industry and much more.

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