Success Stories: Fleet Finds More Fueling Locations Through The Powerful Card®

Success Stories: Fleet Finds More Fueling Locations Through The Powerful Card®


Multi Service Fuel Card helps its customers grow. The Powerful Card® offers solutions for small to medium-sized carriers that are normally only available to larger fleets by our competitors. This month, Multi Service Fuel Card helped a fleet expand their network of fueling and maintenance locations

Expanding Accepted Fuel Stops Makes Filling Up Simpler

An east coast trucking company was encountering problems with the acceptance of a fuel card they were using. They discovered their card was not accepted at as many truck stops as needed. The company had to use a line of credit through their bank on a company credit card at the locations where their fuel card was not accepted and pay a credit price for fuel. One of our customer service representatives explained that the Multi Service Fuel Card would allow them use at all their preferred locations. Additionally, the Powerful Card® will get the fleet below cash price when used at their preferred truck stops and access to the Rebate Network of more than 1,200 truck stops around the country.

The trucking company is now free to fuel more easily and frequently at thousands of locations with the Multi Service Fuel Card.

Content brought to you by the Multi Service Fuel Card. It’s simply the best overall fleet fuel card value in the market today. We offer generous credit lines, access to our Zero Fee and Rebate networks, the best customer service in the industry and much more.

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