Success Stories: Alabama Fleet Eliminates Excess Fees with The Powerful Card®

Success Stories: Alabama Fleet Eliminates Excess Fees with The Powerful Card®
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Multi Service Fuel Card helps its customers grow. The Powerful Card® offers solutions for small to medium-sized carriers that are normally only available to larger fleets by our competitors. This month, Multi Service Fuel Card helped a fleet in Alabama secure the credit they needed while saving hundreds of dollars each month.

The Powerful Card Helps This Fleet Secure the Credit It Needs to Grow

One couple who is in the process of setting up their second truck in Alabama was a little hesitant about the Multi Service Fuel Card at first. What they didn’t realize was that we are here to also help small and medium fleets with their fueling needs, compared to competitors that are aimed towards larger fleets.

A major pain point for this couple stemmed from the excess fees they were being charged just to use a fuel card service. They used COMcheck through their factoring company, which cost a flat fee of $24 in addition to $4-5 per use. It was costing them about $30 per load, or $90 per week. With all the other expenses, one owner explained that they were paying around $800 just in fees monthly.

After signing up for the Multi Service Fuel Card, the owners gained access to our Zero Fee Network where fees are never charged for transactions, card use, maintenance or applications. This covers more than 3,100 locations where carriers can use the Powerful Card at no cost.

When speaking with one of our Multi Service Fuel Card representatives, the owners expressed how much they enjoy having a network where they don’t have to pay transaction fees while also saving on price per gallon. Our representative let him know that in his first week of using the card, he earned a net savings of $100 just by fueling in the Zero Fee Network.

Some fleets choose to join the Rebate Network that includes nearly 1,800 truck stops where carriers can earn up to 10 cents back on purchased fuel, in addition to buying at the cash price. The rebates aren’t based on how many gallons are purchased, but the percentage of gallons included in the network. A small carrier could save as much as a larger carrier per gallon just by using the Multi Service Fuel Card.

This Alabama fleet now has two OTR cards with a weekly line of credit that meets their needs and will help them continue to expand and deliver freight across the country.

Content brought to you by the Multi Service Fuel Card. It’s simply the best overall fleet fuel card value in the market today. We offer generous credit lines, access to our Zero Fee and Rebate networks, the best customer service in the industry and much more.

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