U.S. Diesel Prices Back on the Decline

U.S. Diesel Prices Back on the Decline

After two weeks of small rises in diesel prices across the United States, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicates that diesel prices have dropped in the United States to open the month of May. Prices are down about a cent from $3.975 to $3.964 but remain nearly 12 cents higher than at this time in 2013. This week featured a drop in every region in the country, but every region also features higher diesel prices than at this time last year.

East Coast
Except for one hiccup a couple weeks ago, East Coast diesel prices have been steadily dropping over the last couple months. This week, prices dropped by a cent from $4.07 to $4.06.

New England
Diesel prices in New England continue to be the highest in the United States, but they also continue to drop and have done so for nine straight weeks after reaching their highest point in early March. Now prices have dropped from $4.21 to $4.18 which is the largest decrease in the country.

Central Atlantic
The Central Atlantic region has also been dropping for quite some time, but its streak reached 10 weeks this week as prices fell by about a cent from $4.19 to $4.18. Diesel prices in this region are the second highest in the country.

Lower Atlantic
Throughout the craziness involving diesel prices in the East, the Lower Atlantic stayed pretty steady and has dropped again by about a cent from $3.95 to $3.94. Only two regions have lower diesel prices than the Lower Atlantic region.

One of those regions with lower diesel prices is in the Midwest, which has the second least expensive diesel in the country, at $3.94 down from $3.95.

Gulf Coast
The least expensive diesel prices in the United States are in the Gulf Coast region where prices have fallen by a bit more than a cent to $3.81. Since February 24, diesel prices in the Gulf Coast have ranged between $3.79 and $3.824, so there’s very little change week to week here.

Rocky Mountain
Diesel prices in the Rocky Mountain region held pretty stagnant, dropping by less than half a cent, from $3.982 to $3.978.

West Coast
After a jump in diesel prices over the last couple weeks, prices dropped by about a cent from $4.06 to $4.05.

West Coast less California
For awhile, the West Coast without California featured the second lowest diesel prices in the country, but now that region is the fourth lowest. It is within a cent of the second lowest, though, with the drop from $3.95 to $3.94

Diesel prices in California jumped last week, but dropped by about a penny this week to $4.13.

In order to reach the projected diesel price for 2014 of $3.85, prices would need to average about $3.79 the rest of the year.

U.S. Diesel Prices, Week of 5/5/2014

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