U.S. Diesel Prices Fall for Fifth Straight Week

U.S. Diesel Prices Fall for Fifth Straight Week

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), diesel prices have dropped in the United States for the fifth consecutive week, with prices dropping slightly from $3.96 to $3.95. As expected, though, while prices are dropping, they are not dropping at the rate they did at this time in 2013. Because of this, prices are actually higher than they were a year ago in the United States as a whole and in most regions.

East Coast
The East Coast saw an identical drop in diesel prices as the United States as a whole did, dropping from $4.08 to $4.07 this week. This is the fifth consecutive week prices have dropped on the East Coast.

New England
While diesel prices in New England are still the highest in the country, the region also saw the biggest drop in the country as prices fell from $4.24 to $4.22. This is the sixth consecutive week prices have fallen.

Central Atlantic
The Central Atlantic’s diesel prices remain high, but prices did drop by a bit more than a cent and are now below $4.20 for the first time since late January. The diesel prices in the Central Atlantic region are the second highest in the country once again.

Lower Atlantic
The only region to see an increase in diesel prices was the Lower Atlantic where prices rose by $0.001 and are now $3.947. This week marks the first time since early march that prices have risen in the region.

For the seventh straight week, diesel prices in the Midwest have dropped, but they are now almost a penny higher than they were in 2013 at this time. Prices in the Midwest fell from $3.94 to $3.93.

Gulf Coast
Another week, another very small decrease in diesel prices in the Gulf Coast, but a decrease nonetheless. Prices fell by less than half a cent from $3.793 to 3.79 and remain the lowest in the country by a wide margin.

Rocky Mountain
Diesel prices fell in the Rocky Mountain region for the fifth straight week, from $3.96 to $3.94, but are a full six cents more expensive than mid-April 2013.

West Coast
Diesel prices on the West Coast saw very little change this week, falling just $0.001 from last week to end at $3.981.

West Coast less California
The second least expensive diesel prices in the country remain in the West Coast region without California, though the decrease was negligible, from $3.894 to $3.893.

After five straight weeks of decreases, diesel prices in California didn’t budge, remaining at $4.056, which is still more than nine cents lower than at this time last year.

In order to reach the projected diesel price for 2014 of $3.85, prices would need to average about $3.80 the rest of the year.


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