U.S. Diesel Prices Rise Significantly

U.S. Diesel Prices Rise Significantly

After weeks of diesel prices dropping, they have risen for the second consecutive week according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This week finds prices jumping significantly from where they were a week ago. In the United States, the average price of diesel is up to $3.883, up from $3.844 last week, which is the largest week over week increase since September 2.

Every region saw an increase this past week with the highest coming in the West Coast minus California, which saw prices increase from $3.872 to $3.929. That region was one of just two last week to not see a rise in diesel prices. The West Coast as a whole is up to $3.998 from $3.954.

The highest prices in the country are, not surprisingly, in California, which are up to $4.056 from $4.023 last week. Diesel prices have threatened to drop below the $4 threshold in California many times over the last 16 months, but haven’t been below that mark since late July last year. Prices have dropped as low as $4.001 in May and $4.022 two weeks ago, but haven’t been able to cross to the other side of the $4 mark yet.

The least expensive diesel prices in the United States are in the Gulf Coast where prices rose from $3.753 to $3.780, which is the second smallest increase in the country. The Rocky Mountain region featured the smallest increase across the entire United States. Prices there rose from $3.837 to $3.858.

The Midwest remained middle of the pack as far as diesel prices go across the United States, but the region is of note for the dramatic increase in prices. While the West Coast without California saw prices rise more than any other region, the Midwest was second. There, prices rose from $3.829 to $3.879. The Midwest diesel prices had dropped more than 17 cents between September 2 and November 18. Since then, prices are up 8.5 cents in the Midwest.

U.S. Diesel Prices, Week of December 2, 2013

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