Diesel Fuel Card

Small Steps = Huge Savings

In the trucking industry, a diesel fuel card has become a standard form of payment within trucking fleets. In addition to their ease of use and convenience, a diesel fuel card also provides other benefits to the companies and individual cardholders. As fuel prices, particularly diesel prices, continue to rise on an almost weekly basis, any small step that a driver or fleet owner can take to lessen the amount of money spent on diesel can equal huge savings in the long run. A diesel fuel card is an easy way to streamline fuel purchasing while also getting competitive pricing and benefits.

Streamline Processes

Transportation managers can save money by refining their fuel procurement processes. For a trucking company, efficiency of time and weight are the biggest factors in earning a profit from a fleet. By streamlining processes that affect these areas, companies can focus on other important aspects. Monitoring fuel costs along routes can help identify the best places to fill up while working to improve delivery times. Drivers can be given a diesel fuel card to speed up the process.

Rebates & Rewards

Due to recent gas price increases and resulting shipping price increases, trucking companies are losing money based on customers’ unwillingness to pay increased fees – a diesel fuel can help. A Diesel fuel card such as the Multi Service Diesel Fuel Card, are connected to large truck stop networks. Signing up for a diesel fuel card gives carriers and drivers great deals on fuel pricing. Many programs also offer rebates to companies through certain programs or by rewarding those who spend at certain gas stations. With directories and maps provided by card companies, with a little preplanning, a driver can anticipate and prepare for a trip with the least amount of stops and the lowest gas prices.

Convenience + Tracking

A diesel fuel card also helps to lessen expenses on the back end. Diesel fuel card programs streamline the purchasing system by allowing each driver to have their own card, but still recording all purchases on a single statement. This convenient method of payment can save the company time and energy in dealing with fuel purchases. With this consolidation of information, less time and energy is needed to organize and keep track of transactions and accounts after everything is said and done.

Choosing the Right Diesel Fuel Card

When choosing the right diesel fuel card for your business, it is important to take into consideration all the factors you wish to get out of your diesel fuel card. The Multi Service Diesel Fuel Card is simply the best fuel card in the industry today. Benefits like our Zero Fee Network, Rebate Network, 24/7/365 live customer service, generous lines of credit and thousands of truck stops located all over North America make the Multi Service Diesel Fuel Card the best diesel fuel card in the industry.

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