Superior Fleet Management

Superior Fuel Card Management

Fuel costs are likely the highest variable expense your fleet has today. The combination of fluctuating fuel prices and the balancing of fuel surcharges make managing fuel costs more important than ever. Better managing your drivers’ over the road fuel purchases and other expenses makes optimizing a fuel card program essential: cash flow, cost savings, card controls, online account access, and transaction details for fleet management.

Purchasing Controls

Multi Service Fuel Card puts you in control of over-the-road purchasing. You can implement any of the following purchasing controls across all cards issued to your fleet, or on a card-by-card basis.

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Accurate Billing

We are transaction management experts. You’re going to be dealing with a company that specializes in making sure that you have accurate information and that you’re not being billed for more than what you spend.

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Web Tools

Through Direct Access, our proprietary web-based fleet management tool, fleet managers may access, implement and update purchasing controls for their fleet in real time.

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